Julian Wood has taught for 19 years across all Primary year groups. He is nationally known for using New Technology in the classroom to create, inspire and provoke. Julian co-created the Creative Partnerships ‘inathirdspace’ project in 2008 which partnered teachers & artists. In 2010 he was awarded the Microsoft Innovative Educator award for using QR Codes to stimulate storytelling. More recently Julian worked with dust collective to develop 50 Things To Do. 50 Things To Do is a workbook for Wybourn Community Primary School Pupils in Sheffield. The book playfully encourages pupils to undertake a series of activities from the everyday to the adventurous. Throughout the book children are asked to document tasks from the simple acts of planting a seed or picking blackberries to the bigger adventures of visiting the capital, going crabbing and eating exotic food. 50 Things encourages parents to get on board with their children’s schooling, not with the often painful battle of learning times tables or checking spellings but through the active aspect of learning; of doing things together and documenting the results. It is about a way of being in the world that encourages exploration, curiosity and confidence and with each child in the school working through the same book 50 Things is also a great leveler – every child in the school will have accrued the same 50 experiences as any other (more or less). They will have worked through their books collectively, instilling a shared confidence in their abilities and their school community.